Before you start, please take a moment to get to know the beRTK® drone:


Fig. 87 The beRTK® Base Station!

You can confirm the product and model that you acquired by observing at the beRTK® Base Station’s label, which must look like this one:


Fig. 88 beRTK® Base Station identification label

The beRTK® Base Station is an auxiliary device in the HEIFU® ecosystem that helps the mobile units to improve their positioning accuracy by broadcasting special correction messages to the available satellite positioning information. These messages are then used by the mobile units to correct the base positioning information.

The beRTK® Base Station’s main features can be seen below:

  • RTK information: broadcasts the accurate positioning information calculated by the RTK device on-board, as well as information received via NTRIP coming from other base stations;

  • On-board intelligence: a CPU on-board the station enables the fast processing of the positioning data;

  • Remote configuration: one can remotely configure the base station by using a web-based configuration application.

  • WiFi connection: enabling the establishment of an internet connection with other base stations to share positioning data;

  • Wireless data broadcast: the positioning information is broadcast using a radio link, in the band of 2.4GHz.

  • Battery hot-swap: Counts on two batteries that can be hot-swapped. That is, one can easily remove one battery to be recharged while the other powers-up the system. After charging, the battery can be put back in the slot without any interference to the circuit’s behavior;

  • Battery indication: one can check the current battery status, as well as what kinds of power sources are deemed available by looking at the front panel LEDs;

  • Easy deployment on the field: thanks to its stand-alone configuration, it can be easily deployed on the field, without any need of power source availability. The beRTK® is prepared to be screwed to the top of a tripod support, giving easier access to the front panel indicators and the back panel connector (if needed).

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