Validity of the Certificate acquired by the completion of pilot training

Note that the proof of completion and the certificate of competence issued by the National Aviation Authority are valid for 5 years and the renewal must be carried out in accordance with the standards of the respective subcategories. In 5 years, if the certificate is not renewed, the relevant proof of completion is deemed to expire. In an event where revalidation is conducted prior to the certification expiry, there is a requirement for a pilot to attend a seminar hosted by National Aviation Authority or a recognized entity. Otherwise, the core competencies need to be re-demonstrated by the pilot.

These certificates of authority issued can be amended, suspended, subject to limitation or revoked.

The minimum age for certification is 16 years.

The National Aviation Authority is the only qualified organization in each State to administer these courses and issue certificates of competence. Remote pilots may attend preparation courses run by companies offering training services, but these are not recognized and do not allow the issuance of an A1-A3 proof of completion or A2 certificate of competence.

Beyond Vision unmanned aircraft are class C3.