Putting the beRTK® to work is a simple task. However sometimes, for some reason, it may not work as expected.

If this is the case, please take a look at the most frequent causes of failure and check if this helps you getting the beRTK® running. If not, please contact Beyond Vision’s technical support using the contacts listed in chapter beRTK®.


Probable Cause


1. The Base Station won’t start. There are no lights on.

There is no power.

1.1. Check if the battery is inserted;

1.2. Remove and re-insert the battery,

ensuring that you hear the click of

the clips locking the battery package;

1.3. Press the power button for more

than one second;

1.4. Check if atleast one of the

batteries has enough charge (you can use

the battery charger for this purpose);

1.5 Connect the external power source

and push the power button for more than

one second.

2. I cannot access the Web Configuration platform.

Wireless connection problems.

2.1 Confirm if you have selected the

right Wi-Fi source (see section

beRTK® configuration);

2.2 Confirm that the computer already

states that it is connected to the

correct Wi-Fi source (see section

2.3 Confirm that you have input the

right web address for the platform (see

section beRTK® configuration).