Before you start, please take a moment to get to know the HEIFU® drone:


Fig. 1 The HEIFU®!

You can confirm the product and model by taking a look at the drone’s label (below the drone, near the battery tray), which must look like this one:


Fig. 2 Drone’s identification label

The HEIFU® is a hexacopter, which means that it flies by using six rotors, powered by a high-capacity battery and controlled by a state-of-the-art flight controller, that can be commanded either by a wireless local radio control or by a remote control application.

This is a Class C3 drone, according to the criteria established by the EU Regulation 2019/945, Part 4.

The HEIFU® is designed to be a versatile drone for multiple areas, with folding arms for easy transportation.

Its design allows the installation of different modules to answer the needs of the user. It is prepared to be equipped with gimbals, 360º cameras, and custom supports. This configuration is ideal for running complex Artificial lntelligence algorithms, which makes HEIFU® the perfect drone for complex tasks such as event detection or object counting.

Among the many useful features of this drone, the following ones stand out from the crowd:

  • beXStream® platform: a web platform that enables the user to remotely plan and follow all the drone’s movements in an user-friendly web application. The on-board computer uses ROS (Robot Operating System), an open platform used to integrate different inputs and run multiple algorithms such as image processing, data relaying and others;

  • Autonomous missions: the software allows for pre-planned missions to be loaded onto HEIFU®, and afterwards be performed autonomously either in real-time or on a schedule;

  • Stable and secure flight: the six arms concept allows that the drone continues flying and land safely even if a rotor gets damaged, preventing an abrupt fall that could destroy the device. A state-of-the-art flight controller ensures a stable flight, even in non-ideal weather conditions;

  • Autonomy: a high-performance Li-Po battery ensures stable and long-duration power to all the drone’s complex electronic circuits. The HEIFU® also comprises a security mechanism that continuously monitors the battery level so to safely land the drone if the battery voltage falls below a safe threshold;

  • Increased positioning precision: an on-board RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GNSS module enhances the navigation accuracy, obtaining localization estimation down to an error of about 10cm. Moreover, the positioning module supports, besides GPS, all major satellite navigation systems such as GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou and QZSS increasing the positioning availability and precision by fusing all the data;

  • Advanced communications: HEIFU® enables the usage of local communications (such as Wi-Fi), but also long-range mobile networks such as 4G and even 5G for the best experience of real-time piloting and video streaming;

  • Just add the accessories and go: a multitude of accessories can be added to the drone (up to the payload capacity of the drone) like several types of cameras, sensors and others to take the flying experience to a higher level.

Please follow closely the setup and configuration procedures (on Safety information ), as well as the warning information (on Online Control ) to benefit the most from your HEIFU®.

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