Putting the HEIFU® to work is a simple task. However sometimes, for some reason, it may not work as expected. If this is the case, please take a look at the most frequent causes of failure and check if this helps you getting the HEIFU® up and running. If not, please contact Beyond Vision’s technical support using the contacts listed in chapter HEIFU®.


Probable Cause


1. The drone won’t start. There are no lights on.

There is no power.

1.1. Check if the battery is inserted;

1.2. Remove and re-insert the battery,

ensuring that you hear the click of

the clips locking the battery package;

1.3. Press the ON/OFF button for more

than one second.

1.4. Check if you have a battery with

enough charge (you can use the battery

charger for this purpose).

2. The drone powers up, but it refuses to arm.

The drone doesn’t fulfill

the arm criteria demanded

by the flight controller.

2.1 Check there criteria on the

Before flight checklist and

confirm that everything is in order.

3. I can’t see my drone on beXStream® platform or the drone information is not updated in real-time in the platform.

Communications failure.

3.1 Check if you are within the range

range of the communications device

installed on the drone.

3.2 If you are using mobile networks,

check if the area where the drone

stands is covered by the operator

you are using.

3.3. Check if there was a

communications failure by your

operator (e.g. by using your cell phone)

(e.g. by using your cell phone).

4. One or more rotors are presenting an abnormal behavior.

Mechanical or power supply


4.1. Check if the rotors are rotating

freely without any prison.

4.2. Check if the the power supply and

signal connectors to the arms are well


5. I can’t access beXStream®.

Connection Issues

5.1. Check if you have internet access.

5.2. Check if your internet provider/PC

is not blocking the access to the


5.3. Contact Beyond Vision in case of

503 or 404 errors show up on your

browser when trying to access